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Structured filing

Freely definable folder structures as well as alternative views make the filing a child's play. The tree structure and the unrestricted assignment of meta data templates help to set up a clearly arranged storage. Read more about filing and document management.

Fast search

Search results within seconds. Full text search over files and meta information. Extensive search queries as reporting tool.

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Parallel search in metadata and folders

With the help of categories, keywords and extensive searches DocuPortal offers the possibility to change among different views.

Complete administration of versions

Administrating versions is easy with DocuPortal. All content is automatically versioned upon the saving. Two of all the versions may be compared to each other and restoring a version needs just one mouse click.

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Reporting of all processes

Even the smallest changes are recorded and stored. You can retrace at any time what the changes are and who did them.

Individually configurable authorization concept

DocuPortal offers a sophisticated and hierarchical authorization concept, either on content or on user or user group level

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Mapping of business processes

The DocuPortal workflow technology allows to automate simple and extensive business processes like approvals, hold-files, responsibility assignment, time management and a lot more...

Long-term archival

Store all your business relevant data on any external data carrier in secured formats corresponding to retention periods.

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