DP Automation Server

Automated administration of Emails, files or data from external systems – system integration

An enormous number of incoming data like Emails, scanned files or other can be edited via services in the DP Automation Server. The DP Automation Server allows the data exchange between DocuPortal and any external system or file repository. All the rules for the data exchange are programmed by us in the respective services according to our customers’ specification.

How does that work?

The DP Automation Server is a so called framework component in which specifically programmed PlugIns can be deposited. These PlugIns are recognized by the Automation Server automatically. The Automation Server manages the course of action, sends notifications and logs the behaviour. Similar to a Windows-Service, the Automation Server works like an info-tray application on a server.

DP WebService

Access to almost all the DocuPortal functions beneath the surface

The DocuPortal WebService enables us and other users to create external applications and to allow the data exchange resulting therefrom. Due to this, experienced users can create Weppages or client applications that either enlarge the scope of operations of the DocuPortal ECM Suite or integrate them into the system.

Profit from the use of the standard technology WebServices as well as a simple object model in order to implement different applications without great efforts.

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