An efficient document management system may save a lot of time. Beside a well structured filing system it is important to add categories and key words, as well. The DocuPortal ECM suite provides the respective input fields. Moreover, our system forbids duplicates of the files. The history of every file is precisely recorded and shows who did what and when with a file.

The DocuPortal ECM suite guarantees a safe filing, avoids duplicates and prevents files from being accidentally deleted. With every storing, new versions of a file are generated which gives the maximum of transparency.

In order to find the documents quickly you can add keywords and categories or create cross references to other files. The most important thing in your company is the knowledge and its quick availability. When searching a file, our file preview will assist you to find the right document by sight.

A fast and competent collaboration is ensured by the central storing. According to the access rights, every employee has the possibility to view or edit documents. The access rights in the DocuPortal ECM suite are easily set.

Due to the fact that our system is web-based, you could also easily involve suppliers or customers in your system.

Please find additional modules and functions of our system here