The administration of documents is the most frequently used function of our software. The filing and the use of stored data is the be all and end all of DocuPortal. This is more than understandable because the editing of files is the biggest part in the day-to-day work. Thanks to categorisation and meta data the search is simplified and faster in the DocuPortal ECM suite.

The clarity of your own data stock is at least as important as all the other functions. In order to maintain this clarity you can easily shift any data out of the live system into the integrated archive. In case you need the files again, just restore them out of the archive back into the live system. In adddition, our program avoids creating duplicates. Your employees can hence not file redundant contents. The employees will see at one glance whether the document is currently processed or whether it is published. Another very helpful function that prevents data from getting lost is that several employees cannot edit a content simultaneously.

A continuous versioning of all contents assures that you can restore previous versions. Should one of your employees have changed a document by mistake you can easily restore the original version. You can retrace how and when a document or content has been modified by comparing the versions.