Satisfaction as a programme

DocuPortal solves institutional problems by developping innovative software – primary in the field of document administration (ECM). To date DocuPortal is an independent company that had never used any credits to get refinanced.

We establish customer loyality in a dual way – by competence and cordiality. Mid-sized business companies that dare to try new ways (or that have to try them) can rely on us as an IT-partner who is keen on his customers’ success. The manner we improve strucutres in a profound way is alike the extent to which we simply put usual business relations on a new platform. Once you have recognized the strength of this human focussed approach you will gain growing satisfaction.

We do not only develop a save and perfectly functionating software solution but create an internal and external atmosphere that flourishes confidence and creativity. Both belong insolubly together. Satisfaction on both sides: with us concerning the development and with you concerning the application.

Within just one decade DocuPortal matured from an IT seller to a company for innovative program creation by consequently centering the know-how, the motivation and the creativity of our employees. In the end this satisfaction does permanently tie the best to us. To our mutual benefit.

Advising our customers does not necessarily result in purchasing our product. On the other hand we are convinced of our product to such an extent that we offer expanded testing phases that often convince our customers of the advantage when applying our software.

As far as prices are concerned we do not have any “hidden costs”. Extending the software by the number of users or modules will definitely not result in escalating out of cost control. You can easily start with a small installation and extend at a later date, according to your individual needs as well as according to your means.

Developping and improving our product is our main objective. Our big goal for the near future is to turn our  today’s almost perfect DocuPortal-EMC-Suite into something even bigger with the help of unimagined new possibilities. Look Forward to a new ECM-Platform that has already started to take shape and that we will soon be able to present to you.

Cordially yours,
Holger Zumpe, CEO