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The DocuPortal ECM Suite is an easily learnable software solution for solving the problems occurring during your day-to-day internal and external communication.

The DocuPortal ECM Suite is installed in shortest possible time and immediately useable without further assistance due to the ready made templates provided from the start..Without any programming you adjust the solution conforming to your needs in a very short time.Take advantage of standardised trainings in order to work effectively and even faster.


DocuPortal is a server-based application. The users’ interaction between their browser and the DocuPortal server is made via a Web surface. No separate client installation is necessary.

Document management

The whole repository is hierarchically structured. It’s up to you to define the hierarchy. Needless to say that we will assist you when establishing your strucuture and starting to use our software. Once stored in DocuPortal you can capture, compare or restore old versions. With the help of categories and automatic keyword assignments you can choose among different views. learn more about document management with DocuPortal.

Direct file editing

Just one click in the browser surface enables you to edit any kind of file or format in the repsective application. Edited files are automatically uploaded to and stored in the DocuPortal.


DocuPortal allows and supports the collaboration in teams and departments as well as the communication with customers. The hierarchical authorization system governs the rights of users or user groups to view or edit any content. Changes or activities within the system are communicated by automatic notifications. General or project-related information can be added by allowing a discussion on a content.

Full text search

DocuPortal supports the full text search in almost any file format by a text extraction, not only in terms of a quick search but as a complex extended search, as well.


The DocuPortal workflow technology offers freely definable workflows with the help of which you can create simple tasks like follow-up files or even complex processes like approvals or decisions. The graphical interface helps to create or administrate the workflows within the shortest possible time.

Office Integration

Although DocuPortal can store and edit any kind of file format there are some additional functions like macros for Office and Open Office products.

E-Mail archiving

Our DocuPortal Outlook Client exports and archives E-Mails including their attachments manually or automatically.

Long-term preservation

In addition, DocuPortal helps to store certain content following defined retention periods. Just specify a certain period and store information for the revision.

Why using the DocuPortal ECM suite?

DocuPortal is not a portfolio of different manufacturers but producer and provider of this software solution. You will hence get personal and competent support at any time. More than 230 companies in any kind of business are using DocuPortal. The number of users vary from 5 to 2300.. Analysts recommend DocuPortal explicitely for small and medium-sized companies. Due to its architecture it is one of the most modern and most complete ECM applications being currently offered for medium-sized businesses. Make use of our modern web-services for embedding DocuPortal into your IT infrastructure. Docuportal offers its different functions in packages. Profit from reducing your investment according to your actual requirement. If your company grows, DocuPortal does likewise. You can extent the application by new packages or users without a new installtion.

Watch  here  at length how the core of our product – the document management – works…