DM module

Document management

This module offers all the functions necessary in terms of administrating any kind of content, for example access rights, versioning, notifications (via E-Mail), folders, categories, key words, file templates, histories, discussions, search queries and a lot more. All the basic functions are represented in this module.

EX module

File preview and full text search

DocuPortal displays the preview of hundreds of file formats as JPG/PDF in the browser without any additional server application. Moreover, DocuPortal identifies the texts in more than hundred file formats resulting in an impressive full text search. It is understood that metadata like title, description or keywords are identified, too. Use this module for searching any kind of business data as well as for an independent file preview.

IM module

Information management

With the help of this module you freely define additional input fields for contents in order to create for instance digital customer folders or in order to store additional information like invoice or customer number. This module serves as a basis for the other DocuPortal modules.

BP module

Business processes / Workflows

The integrated workflow designer facilitates creating digital business processes like files in circulation, damage reports, requests, decisions, or approvals. Summaries and overviews report the actual status of a process. Use this module for digital workflows.

RM module

Long-term archiving

Save processed or juridically relevant documents automatically or manually in the integrated archive. Define retention periods or archive storage devices. Prevent relevant documents or contents from being deleted. Profit from restoring contents out of the archive. Use this module for your long term archiving.

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