Consider the administrator training as an option, not as a duty. Nevertheless, the most successfull projects realized with the DocuPortal ECM Suite participated in the training.

We are aiming at giving you the maximum degree of independence from external service providers and our administrator training supports you in this respect.

Depending on the modules used, DocuPortal offers an extensive portfolio. Our English and German documentation is at your disposal and our training enables you to take advantage of most of the functions within short and hence to implement the requirements of your company. Usually the training is more effective than learning to use the application on your own. In addition, the administrators are prepared for the changing and growing requirements of a company.

We would like to put you in the position to solve the problems as well as to get familiar with all the aspects of our software solution.

As a “DocuPortal Trained Administrator” you will be able to answer to any kind of request and to comply with future demands.

The training lasts between 2 and 3 days, depending on the modules you purchased and will take place either here in our premises in Bremen or in your office.

Are you interested but cannot estimate how much this will cost you? Find the answer here