The quality, the promptness and the competence of our service is explicitly praised by our cusotmers. At DocuPortal you are not just a customer ID – we aim at realizing successful projects with you. Suggestions for improvements are welcome at any time. Our system solution should meet your expectations.

In order to estimate your requirements we offer a consulting service from the very beginning. In addition, we offer workshops in order to prepare the introduction of an ECM in your company and in order to consolidate your experience with our system.

Needless to say that we are at our customers’ disposal during daily work. Moreover, we set value on personal customer care. E-Mails are responded to within one day.

Due to the fact that we constantly maintain our application, technical problems at our customers’ side rarely occur. Our customers’ questions have rather a conceptual nature.

Your installation should always be up to date. As a rule we release a new version of our ECM Suite once a year. Once or twice a month we provide updates containing improved functions required by our customers. Depending on the way you work you have to decide whether every update is reasonable.

If you are interested now, go ahead and download our free Express Version